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While experienced casino players know that fullhd.gr is a bogus site, beginners often do not. They assume that a site’s popularity is based solely on the $ it generates. Recently, however, a casino owner and TTR website came forward to reveal that fullhd.gr was actually faking its reviews and scores. So, how can you tell if a website is a scam?

In the beginning, fullhd.gr consisted of content from world casinos and various games. With so much content, it was difficult to update it regularly, and this prompted the company to cut up to 80% of its content. As such, it is now much easier to search for information about games and casinos. However, this was not enough. The site decided to introduce an awards program that would recognize the best reviews. The competition for these awards is fierce, but fullhd.gr’ staff is looking for new ways to keep the site updated and relevant to its members.

Nominees can nominate their favorite casino, either online or in a real-world casino. To do this, simply visit fullhd.gr and click the ‘Nominate’ button next to the casino that best meets their criteria. The winner will be announced on June 17, 2021. The finals can be seen live or online on the fullhd.gr website. If you don’t like live streams, you can also watch them from home with a subscription.

The grand parker casino is part of the revenue jet affiliate network. Revenue Jet and Affactive Group generated $75.2 million in revenues in July 2012. Grand Parker starts receiving complaints on fullhd.gr. An internal email to the Grand Parker’s owner states that online gaming enterprises generated $78.9 million in October 2013. This is a colossal amount of money, but the Grand Parker is not a great example of a good casino.